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Scheduling & Marketing
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What If You Only Had to Show Up
and Record Your Podcast?
...And the Rest Was Done For You?

Honest question: does podcasting sound overwhelming, scary, technical?

Or, perhaps you've learned some of those podcast "skills"...
but you would rather put your time and effort into the FUN activities of your business?

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Editing & Processing
  • We'll balance (normalize) your podcast's volume and EQ -- great for an interview where one side is "loud" and the other is "quiet"
  • We'll apply minor noise reduction, trim silence
  • We'll add any intro, outro, or sponsorship ads into your podcast episodes
  • We'll "ID3 tag" your files and add your podcast artwork into your processed audio
Uploading & Scheduling

We can upload (or schedule) your podcast episodes to the platforms of your choice... your own blog, YouTube, Anchor, LibSyn, SoundCloud & more.

Just give us the login details
and we will publish your episodes for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you host my podcast for me?
We would like to login to YOUR or new existing podcast.

You can setup a free podcast on Anchor with no monthly fees.
Or, we can setup your podcast on any paid platform of your choice
(i.e. LibSyn, BuzzSprout, Spreaker).

What file formats do you accept?
We can process any type of audio OR video that you send to us:

record on your iPhone and send it over email,
upload Zoom recording to Dropbox or Google Drive,
provide an existing YouTube link to us,
or provide raw WAV or MP3 recording.

What if I only have "just a few" episodes to produce and upload?
Order podcast service and cancel before your monthly rebilling period.
We can only work on one podcast episode at a time -- 48 hour turnaround.

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  • "Attention to Detail"

    "I was impressed with Robert's work. His attention to detail was spot on in his show notes and you can tell that he actually takes the time to listen to the audio to make sure the show notes are as accurate as possible."

    -- Adrian Carson, Entertainment Nerd

  • "By Far the Best..."

    "Thank you Robert for being amazing!

    You're by far one of the best when it comes to show notes!"

    -- Jacqueline V. Twillie, The Winning Season Podcast

  • "Love the Podcast Notes Robert Wrote."

    "I have worked with numerous writers over the last 12 years of podcast publishing on 2 podcasts with almost 200 episodes.

    He's a good writer who captures the spirit and detail of the podcast. I look forward to giving him many many more projects over time."

    -- Tourism Tim Warren, Destinations Travel & Leisure Show

  • "Incredibly Satisfied!"

    "I was incredibly satisfied with the level of work.

    Robert followed the format I asked for and the shownotes look perfect!
    Would highly recommend."

    -- Tara and Phill, The Aerial Hour Podcast

  • "Excellent and Timely..."

    "Excellent and timely deliver of 8 podcast show SEO notes.

    Very pleased and will use again!"

    -- Shannon Jamail, Happy Hour Podcast

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Podcast Production Includes...

noise reduction, leveling & EQ
add intro & outro music, trim silence, insert your sponsorships
ID3 tag & add artwork
upload to the podcast destination of your choice

Order Editing & Production for Your Podcast:

No minimum order, no monthly commitment.

After you order and complete the checkout process,
you'll be able to submit your podcast files to us via a confidential web form.

The Basics
  • Up to unlimited podcast episodes produced per month... record as few or as many podcast episodes as you want each month!
  • We produce 1 podcast episode at a time
  • We will setup your podcast for free or continue your existing podcast (you provide us with the login details to your podcasting account)
What We Will Do For You...
  • We will produce your podcast including noise cancellation, leveling/EQ & ID3 tagging
  • We will edit your podcast including umm removal, free upon request
  • We will enhance your podcast by adding your intro, outro, music, and sponsorship audio clip
  • We will publish your podcast to your podcast host (i.e. LibSyn, Anchor, PodServe) + your websites (i.e. WordPress blog + YouTube)
    Then We Create the Podcast Promotional Materials...
    • We will write SEO podcast show notes from your podcast episode (summaries, key timestamps, quotes, relevant links, resources, and guest's contact information) for your blog text & YouTube description, to enhance your SEO search results
    • We will write a 100 word email promoting your episode (for social media, an email blast or follow-up sequence)
    • We will write 2 tweets to promote your episode
    • We will create 3 shareable social graphics (for Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn) based on key quotes from the episode
    • We will create 2 short-form videos (30 seconds with captions) for TikTok & Instagram Reels from the episode
      And Distribute to Your Social Media Channels...
      • We will submit your podcast to 50 podcasting directories, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, Audible & Amazon Music
      • We will publish your podcast episode to your YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & TikTok social media profiles in the form of links, video clips, quotes, and text posts from your podcast

      Production, Notes, and Social Posting For Your Podcast

      Turnaround Time: 48 Hours per Episode

      All packages include FREE setup of your show on any podcasting platform, if required.
      This includes creating your graphic cover artwork and intro music.
      There is no monthly commitment. You can cancel the service anytime.

      Done For You Podcasting
      Created by Robert Plank of JumpX LLC, Done For You Podcasting provides the services you need to stop "working" on your podcast and run an automatic traffic machine.